Radio en TV Masten Kreuzberg (Rhön) 5-8-2016
 Amberg Hirschau/Rotbühl
 Hoher Bogen
 Hohe Line
 Kreuzberg (Rhön)

Sender Kreuzberg


Analog - Frequency kW pol
    93.1 Bayern 2 100 h
    96.3 Bayern 3 100 h
    98.3 Bayern 1 100 h
  105.3 B5 aktuell 100 h
  107.9 BR Klassik 100 h

DAB - Frequency

5C 178.352 DR Deutschland 10 v
7C 192.352 - 25 v
10A 209.936 BR Franken 25 v
10D 215.072 Bayern 4,0 v
11D 222.064 BR Bayern 10,0 v
12D 229.072 Bayern 4,0 v
TV DVB-T- Frequency in 10-2017 HDTV    
E36 594,00 ARD-BR 100 h
E46 674,00 BR-Nord 100 h

Analog - Frequency

E3 55.26 ARD/BR 100 h

source: 2016

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Sender Kreuzberg channel E3

Dismantling antenne, sender Kreuzberg..


Millimeterarbeit am BR-Sender Kreuzberg (17-08-2016)

Precision work on BR-transmitter Kreuzberg. The transmission tower on the Kreuzberg in the Rhön is already Lower Franconia highest point. And now he is still a bit higher, because he has a new antenna. The mount was hard work - in the truest sense of the word.  Four tons weighs the antenna that pulls the red helicopter upwards. Thanks to the double rotor, the pilot keeps the helicopter relatively quiet in the air. Just as an assembly is possibleIdeal.

Ideal weather for the installation work.

"I think we are all a bit excited, that's exciting," says an employee of the broadcasting equipment. He and his colleagues document the complex assembly with a camera. And they offer stunning images. "We hope that nothing goes wrong. But there are indeed professionals at work, since everything will work out smoothly."

Even the weather is - fortunately: "It is relatively calm, and the need, if one takes flight load machines," explains Heiko transmission technician Herbert. "If the wind gusting, the whole would be withering away, and that would not be good."

"This is a UHF antenna with which we here DVB-T2 broadcast from October 2017. UHF means Ultra High Frequency, which are the television signals that can be received at home terrestrially. And DVB-T 2 is the new standard. That is, we have HD TV, which can be received terrestrially here. " Roland Jauernik, Bayerischer Rundfunk.

TV picture is even better from autumn 2017
After the installation work on August 17, the transmission tower of 207 has increased to 226 meters. It is expected that especially the viewers: Who has a suitable receiving device, will get even better, sharp TV picture from next autumn.

BR Nachrichten - by google translate!

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